6 Best TED Talks for Personal Growth

If you are looking for ideas and inspirations for personal growth, here are some of the best TED Talks you need to watch.

Angela Lee Duckworth: Grit: The power of passion and perseverance

It seems that there is a lot we can learn from seventh graders. In this talk, Angela Lee Duckworth shares insights on what determines success from what she observed teaching math to the kids. Her observations made her realize that intelligence is not the key factor to success. Rather, it is those who exhibit grit and the ability to persevere are most likely to succeed.

Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

This is a raw and heartwarming talk about the courage to accept personal flaws and imperfections, self-compassion, and the ability to embrace vulnerability. Brené Brown shares personal experiences as well as insights on how dealing with vulnerability can build and strengthen empathy and connection with others.

Eduardo Briceño: How to get better at the things you care about

If you feel like you are not improving despite all your efforts to get better, you can take comfort in the fact that other people go through the same thing. In this talk, Eduardo Briceño shares a different way of thinking about getting better at something – whether in your career or personal life.

Kathryn Schulz: On being wrong

No one enjoys being wrong. And it would probably be safe to say that most, if not all, people will avoid it at all costs. But what if being wrong is essential to improvement and growth? This thought-provoking talk by Kathryn Schulz explores the importance of being wrong and why embracing it can be good not just for the self but to the world.

Laura Vanderkam: How to gain control of your free time

Laura Vanderkam is a time management expert who has conducted studies on what busy people do with their time. She talks about her findings and shares practical tips on how to find more time to do the things that matter most.

Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days

If you have trouble following through with an idea or getting started with a habit that you want to build, Matt Cutts has an interesting suggestion for you – just do it for thirty days. You might be surprised as to what you can accomplish or how far you can go with the thing you set out to do.


4 of the Best Books that Will Inspire You to Become a Better Person


Life begins where the comfort zone ends paraphrases what American author Neale Donald Walsch once said. And many have proven this to be true. If you want to improve or succeed at anything in life, you have to keep going forward well past your limits or boundaries. But this is usually easier said than done. Beyond the comfort zone lies uncertainties, risks, and fears that not everyone may feel ready to face head-on. Whether you are thinking of taking on a difficult challenge or looking for ideas for self-improvement, here are some of the most inspiring books that will make you want to become better at life.

1. Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brené Brown

“Vulnerability is not weakness, and the uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure we face every day are not optional. Our only choice is a question of engagement. Our willingness to own and engage with our vulnerability determines the depth of our courage and the clarity of our purpose; the level to which we protect ourselves from being vulnerable is a measure of our fear and disconnection.”

2. Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time by Brian Tracy

“The most valuable tasks you can do each day are often the hardest and most complex. But the payoff and rewards for completing these tasks efficiently can be tremendous.”

3. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

“You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way”.”

4. Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else by Geoff Colvin

“A study of figure skaters found that sub-elite skaters spent lots of time working on the jumps they could already do, while skaters at the highest levels spent more time on the jumps they couldn’t do, the kind that ultimately win Olympic medals and that involve lots of falling down before they’re mastered.”

The Importance Of Setting Goals


Let’s say, you need to lose weight. How do you go about it? Will you just go with the flow? Will you just exercise without any goal in mind? Will you just eat without any goal in mind?

No, right?

For you to lose weight, you need to set goals. When you exercise, you need to make it clear how many reps you are looking to achieve within a week. When you eat, you need to make it clear how much food you are looking to intake within a day. And oh, let’s not forget the end goal for each of these: shedding at least 5 pounds within a week or losing at least half a pound within a day.

This goes the same in other aspects of your life.

What kind of grades are you looking to achieve within a year in school? What kind of milestones are you looking to reach within two years at work? What kind of chores are you looking to finish within two hours at home?

Because without setting a goal for everything you do in life, you will be left with nothing but ideas. These ideas will only cause you to become more complacent with your actions, ultimately forgetting about the reasons why you’re doing it. These ideas will also only cause you to become more cautious with your words, ultimately forgetting about the reasons who you’re doing it for.

Indeed, setting goals is important – not just for when you’re losing weight, but also in other aspects of your life.

Set your goals now – not just for you to lose weight and to finally wear those slim jeans and Vans of yours, but also to be who you’re meant to be in other aspects of your life.

What do you think is the importance of setting goals? Share your thoughts with us below!